All Side Entry Mixer applications require high flow efficiency in order to
- Achieve homogenisation ( i.e. Concentration & Temperature Uniformity)
- Blend different components having different physical properties
- Prevent build up of solids / mud
- Achieve Heat transfer

Features :

  • Use of High Efficiency Hydrofoil Impeller. Optionally, Marine Propeller is also available

  • Single piece cantilever shaft design to eliminate shaft run-outs and to increase the Seal life

  • All wetted parts in SS304 / SS316 to avoid any sort of rusting and corrosion

  • Shut Off arrangement for Seal maintenance with-out emptying the tank content

  • Fast and easy Seal change to reduce the down-time and simplified maintenance activities

  • Use of High performance Bearings and Oil seals

  • Choice of Gear-box as well as Belt Pulley arrangement for Speed Reduction

Edible Oil Storage Tanks - Chemical processing and water treatment
Asphalt storage Tanks - Fermenters & digesters in Distilleries
Bio-digesters in Bio-fuel synthesis- Pulp and Paper Industry
Milk Silos in Dairy Industry - Flue Gas desulphurisation in Thermal Power plant
Crude Oil Storage in Petrochemical refineries

Galaxy GTE series Top Entry Mixers are available as follows,

Motor KW From 0.75 KW up to 37 KW
Shaft Length Up to 1200 mm
Impellers High efficiency Flow Impellers up to Ø1100 mm
MOC CS, SS304, SS316