Twin Shaft Dispersers are considered as most versatile equipment for paint production. As the name suggests, the disperser range has been specifically designed to disperse, mix and homogenize products.
The process of dispersion is carried out by the centrally located shaft having Saw tooth impeller & running at high speed (~1000 rpm), and the slow speed Anchor is responsible for the mixing Action. Reckoned for trouble-free operations, the equipment made available in this range is extensively used for manufacturing plastic emulsions, solvent based Paints and eco-friendly water based paints.

Features :

  • Optimum Process Selection of Mixer for Motor Power at given Tip Speed

  • Solid shafts for strength and ease of handling for HSD

  • Excellent Shaft machining in order to Control the Shaft run-outs, vibration and noise

  • Use of external bearing housing with back to back Tapper Roller bearing

  • Rugged and Robust mounting structure for strength and durability

  • Hydraulic Lifting System for HSD is Optionally available

  • Epoxy Paint finish as Standard

Galaxy TSD’s are available as follows,

Motor KW Up to 250 KW
Shaft Length Up to 5000 mm
Impellers Saw Tooth (Cowl) Impellers up to Ø700 mm
MOC CS, SS304, SS316
Operating Volume Up to 10 KL