The circulation of Massecuite within vacuum pans must be as high as practically possible in order to achieve maximum throughput and produce good quality sugar.
The existing Vacuum Pans, with natural convection heat transfer, can be installed with Galaxy Mechanical Circulators.The benefits of having a Mechanical Circulator in your Vacuum Pan are,


Mechanical Circulator increases the heat transfer co-efficient significantly which leads to lower steam consumption. Avoids head loss in Calendria Tubes and leads to better utilization of Down take diameter.


With increase in heat transfer co-efficient, strike time reduces up to 30%, which in turn increases the Production Capacity


Uniform Particle Size Distribution
Uniform Colour of the Sugar Crystal
Uniform Super saturation Level & Crystal Growth rate across the Pan
No local or overheating the crystals


A higher massecuite dry substance concentration is possible, leading to a higher crystal yield and a lower purity of molasses